Keepers and Throw Backs: How do you decide what books make the cut?

Recently, I had to manually download a book from Amazon and found that I have 293 books on my Kindle;  since last November! The downside to all this book bliss is that I can’t cull a library of e-books so I am stuck with them and all the others  I will purchase in the near future. Since I live approximately 75 miles from Nashville, Chattanooga, and Huntsville I’m a gas tank away from any decent book store (i.e. McKay), so my collection of e-books will only increase.  This however doesn’t stop me from buying the odd book from Wally World, and so grows my “hard copy” collection.McKay Chattanooga

I have never been too attached to the books I read and keep a bankers box ready for my throw backs. Actually, before my Kindle I kept very few of the books that I purchased because I have a used book store that I am in love with (this is no exaggeration) called McKay.  This has always been a bit of an adventure for me; once my bankers box is full I fill up my gas tank and head for Chattanooga (just because I used to live there). I spend the day filling my cart up with books while waiting on my golden ticket or yellow ticket as the case may be. With my box once again full I head of into the sunset, make a pit stop at Ankar’s Hoagies or Glen Gene Deli and head home over Mt. Eagle chomping at the bit to start reading. Sentimental much?

This is a ritual that I love; however, there are a few books that will never see the inside of that bankers box. I have the original Cynster series by Stephanie Laurnes,the Web series by Mary Balogh and the series that started this regency obsession with me The Bridgertons by Julia Quinn. These are all packed away in my trunk in order and come out every now and again when I’m feeling nostalgic. On the whole, most of my regencies will be taken to McKay and the cycle will start all over again!

However, there are a few more books that are even more special to me and have nothing to do with Regency Romance. First, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith I remember watching the 1945 film version on TCM when I was a young and found the book as an adult. I do not know why this book is not on the list for American Lit in high school; however, I’m glad it wasn’t because I would not have enjoyed it half as much. That brings me to Cold Sassy Tree by Olive Ann Burns that I did have to read for my American Lit class in  high school. I still have that copy and it was well worn and loved  when I got it from my Aunt. That book means the world to me because it is the one tangible item of hers I have and now that she has passed I couldn’t even think of letting that book go. Finally, 1984 by George Orwell; I purchased this book my freshman year of college when I was gung ho about reading all the classics. I never finished all of those classics but I still read 1984 once a year because I love it. Out of all the books I have, these three books will go with me where ever I go.

In the end, I could cull my book collection down to three books that I can not live with out. What books make the I can’t live with out this book list for you, how do you decide which books to cull from your collection and are you like me and have a plethora of e-books that you are stuck with now?