My life is rather boring…so I live vicariously through romance novels. Most specifically Regency romance that I devour at an alarming rate! I think I have a handle on the history, titles, and decorum of the day; at least enough to share my thoughts and viewpoints about the books that I read. I hope to share my rants and interesting tid bits about books and the Regency Era. Let’s face it I’m a Regency geek…I would love to be able to spend some time at one of the balls or country mansions of the time. Oh well, maybe Dr.Who will pop by my house in his police box and whisk me away on a Regency adventure! One day my Tardis will come.

On a completely Dr.Who related side note (did I mention that I’m a geek) I am from Tennessee and being from the south we call everyone sweetie…everytime I hear this I look around expecting to see River or the Doctor. It disappoints me every time they are not there.


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